Softmaker Office 2010


A good option in the world of Office Packages


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Softmaker Office 2010 lets you read and write Word, Excel and PowerPoint quickly and easily, without complications.

Included in this Office package you'll find TextMaker, with which you'll be able to write and read text files (including Microsoft Word); PlanMaker, with which you'll be able to effortlessly work with spreadsheets; SoftMaker Presentations, ideal for making presentations that are identical to PowerPoint's; and BasicMaker 2010, with which you'll be able to automatize tasks.

The program offers a compatibility with other documents that’s very similar to Open Office’s only with the added advantage of being light enough to work on slow computers.

Softmaker Office 2010 is a good alternative to Microsoft Office that gives you very similar features for way less money.

30 day trial period.

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